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So, you’ve decided to schedule a Home Photo Shoot!

Below are some basic staging tips that will help best prepare your home. 

Entire House
  • Lightbulbs: Replace any missing or non-functioning lightbulbs. Use the same wattage/color throughout a room for a more consistent white balance.
  • Depersonalize: Take down/remove family photos, unframed posters and monogrammed items.
  • Kids Toys & Clutter: Hide in closets. Anything that would be considered too big and/or bright, both of which can be visually distracting.
  • Vacuum, Dust & Clean Widows: Cleanliness shows nicer.
Kitchen & Dinning
  • Refrigerator Art: Remove “Fridge art” (magnets, photos, calendars, etc.)
  • Counters: Remove non-essential items (Keurig cups, hot plate, candles, etc.). Spray with cleaner.
  • Kitchen Table: Clear of clutter. Optionally, add a centerpiece/decor (bowl, napkin holder, flowers, etc.) 
Living Room
  • Floor Space: Remove non-essential furniture.
  • Couch: Arrange pillows nicely. Fold or remove blankets.
  • Vanity: Have sink area clear of all clutter (toothbrush, paste, comb, brushes, soap dispenser bottles).
  • Mirror: Clear of clutter. Spray with glass cleaner.
  • Floor Space: Hide cleaning materials (plunger, bowl brush, etc.)
  • Towels: Put away or fold towels.
  • Floor Space: Remove any unnecessary furniture, appliances and/or small rugs.
  • Bedcovers: Solid colors work best. Strongly patterned or colored linens can be distracting. 
  • Trash Cans: If there is room, put trash/recycling cans inside garage.
  • Cut Grass: A freshly cut lawn adds curb appeal. Please do this prior to day of shoot.
  • Cars and Garage: Have all cars removed from the driveway and garage doors closed.
  • Pet Mess: Please pick up as much animal mess as possible. 

Following these tips will help make our appointment run quick and efficiently while preparing your home for beautiful photography.

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